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Fuentes Strategies can help you with services, including but not limited to providing strategic advice, political risk monitoring and counseling for your government relations needs. We build coalitions and connect you with like-minded entities to make sure your cause gets the needed numbers and front and center to the key decision makers.

Access is the name of our game. It goes hand in hand with our service and expertise. We have longstanding relationships with Members of Congress and their staffs. Our reach includes committee staff, personal office staff and federal agency staff. Our clients have access to each of our principals and to our network of partners, who bring decades of experience on both sides of the political aisle and across all levels of government and issue areas.

We provide the needed perspective to move your issues forward and find the best solutions. You can choose to be an active participant and attend all meetings with principals. Or you may choose to be informed daily or weekly of the efforts being made on your behalf.

We use our experience and our connections to bring organizations together to develop and promote a collective vision and achieve a common goal. Coalition building is the key to securing the strength needed to win battles. We strongly believe that progress does not happen spontaneously or by accident, but only after people organize for change. We see ourselves as the engine that brings people together.

We understand how important it is to get your message across, not just at a meeting in Congress but through the myriad of platforms that exist in today’s world. In order to maximize the reach and scope of your message, we work with you to design the most effective plan of action.

Fuentes Strategies can be a unique and valuable resource if you wish to establish or further your already existing presence and impact in our society. We provide insight, expert analysis and discreet counseling to identify opportunities and understand how the world of politics and its constant shifts can affect you and your business’s place in society.

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