Our Founder and Managing Partner, Jennice Fuentes, had a very clear vision when she retired from working in Congress after 25 years of service. Over those two and a half decades Ms. Fuentes often found those visiting her Congressional office were not as prepared as they should have been. She often met with folks who were not sure of what they needed and rarely followed up with the requested information. In the end, many meetings she and the Member of Congress attended were pointless due to the lack of organization and understanding of the individual attending.

The creation of Fuentes Strategies was driven by Ms. Fuentes desire to provide a highly personalized service for clients needing assistance before Congress or the Federal government by helping them be well-prepared for meetings and be informed of any subsequent outcome. Working with a group of patient and supportive collaborators, the Fuentes Strategies team came up with the idea of a bold, fresh, small firm with a simple goal: cater to a limited number of clients and offer them the best service possible in government consulting.

In order for us to devise the best strategy possible for our clients, we listen first. Having a frank and honest conversation with prospective clients will determine whether we are the right fit for you and more importantly, if and how we can help. Because we are results driven, if we think that your issue is best served by an outside entity we will be the first to tell you. While we want your business, we also want you to be satisfied and to get the results you need.

Fuentes Strategies is best seen as an extension of your own business. We collaborate with you and are as hands-on as your top managers. Your success is our success. We work hand in hand with you and remain responsive to your concerns 24/7. We are a boutique agency because we want our size to ensure that our clients get the concierge treatment that they deserve.

You are not just another client. You are a name, a face and a key collaborator. That is what our concierge service is all about: you and your company are first and foremost. Working with Fuentes Strategies, you will never feel like a small client. Each and every client, regardless of your company size and scope of your project is our priority because what we want is to achieve results.

Fuentes Strategies offers representation before Congress, including House and Senate Committees, individual Members of Congress, Federal government agencies and the Executive Branch. We specialize in representing, promoting and protecting our clients’ interests in a wide range of issue areas, including but never limited to: Agriculture, Armed Services, Education, Environment, Financial Services, Housing, Health, Judiciary and Immigration.

We also assist clients who are interested in establishing and fostering relations with the membership of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus as well as national hispanic leadership foundations like the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute and the Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute and many Hispanic organizations such as the National Council of La Raza and the National Puerto Rican Coalition.

Washington D.C.

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We strategize because we can and because we love it. After decades of experience in the Legislative Branch and working with the executive and the federal agencies we not only know how Washington, D.C. works but what works and what doesn’t. While all politics is local, the politics of success is rooted in the best strategy, because without it, you are just wasting your time and money. Our strategy is rooted in the plan of action and our road map, something we must have in order to take you places.

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